Founder & Director

Antoinette Daley has over 25 years experience of working with women, girls, children, young people and their families. She has worked in the private and voluntary sectors.

Antoinette’s driving focus is to assist the development of physical, mental, social and spiritual capacity to enable and empower an individual to grow.

Antoinette’s diverse working experience in foster care, education, counselling, creative therapy and family support was the drive that led to the setting up of Daley Bread.

Antoinette is passionate about the empowerment of Women and young girls and has been facilitating workshops for women for over 15 years, both in the community, in the church and among her social network.

Securing the well being of women and girls, protecting them from all forms of harm, ensuring their developmental needs are responded to appropriately, are the primary aims of Daley Bread. 

Our Vision

Our aim is to work closely with the statutory sector, local voluntary and community organisations for the purposes of the following:

  • Development
  • Liaison
  • Enabling representation
  • Strengthening services
  • Strategic partnerships

Mission Statement

Developing potential: that means listening, observing, identifying and maximising.

Establishing boundaries: boundaries give a sense of security.

Helping: we all have dreams and we need goals to aim for.

Empowering: we aim to provide services and programmes that will be tools of empowerment.

By undertaking and supporting activities that foster effective development for women, girls and young people.

We are working in partnership with voluntary, community, statutory and private organisations to strengthen the work of the charity.

We will be acting as a responsible voice for women and girls through advocacy.

Key Objectives

  • Increasing recognition, understanding and appreciation of the work of Daley Bread.
  • Enabling the development of quality standards
  • Encouraging sustainable investment in Daley Bread