Independent Living Programme

This is a programme where we teach young people to develop key life skills that they will need in order to live independently. Below are the areas we teach young people. For more information, email

Utility Bills

Utilities consist of three things:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water

Bear in mind that the cost of your water services doesn’t change from one company to the next whereas the prices of gas and electricity does. Make sure to look around different suppliers and the tariffs they offer and find the one that suits you and your budget. Remember, you can switch suppliers at any time if you want to find a cheaper tariff to save money.

Time Management

Time is precious for everyone and you can be in control. It is a key skill needed to be able to live independently as it will be used when you’re in education or in employment. Here are some examples that are used to manage your time effectively:

  • Prioritise your tasks
  • Don’t get distracted or procrastinate
  • Know which prioritises are urgent from the non urgent

Money Management

It can be overwhelming especially if you live independently for the first time, but it doesn’t have to be. The very first step in managing your money is to budget. By budgeting, you will be able to:

  • Be less likely to be in debt
  • Be less likely to have unexpected costs
  • Be more likely to have a good credit rating
  • Being able to spot areas where you can save

Looking After Your Home

At some point, you will be faced with challenges happening in your own home such as mould, problems with the central heating, maintaining the smoke detector and the fuses. Here are some important tips to consider:

  • Do not leave your home without heating for more than one day during the cold weather
  • If you lose power in your home, check your fuse box and depending on the type of fuse box, you can either flick a switch or press a button to restore the lost power
  • Do not attempt to repair electricity yourself, contact your landlord to call out a qualified electrician on your behalf
  • Always test your smoke detector on a weekly basis

Being Safe In Your Home

When you live by yourself, you are responsible for the security of your own home and your personal safety. Here are some important tips to consider to be able to feel safe in your own home:

  • Use a security camera
  • Know your neighbours
  • Play music or turn on the television at night
  • Get a personal safety alarm
  • Upgrade to a smart doorbell

Nutrition On A Budget

It can be difficult to eat well on a budget, considering to eat healthy can be expensive. There are ways to save money and still eat whole single-ingredient foods. Here are some tips to be able to eat well within a budget:

  • Plan your meals
  • Cook at home
  • Cook large portions and use your leftovers
  • Buy whole foods
  • Stock up on sales
  • Buy frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Buy in bulk

Self Care

Living alone can be exciting yet it can be difficult if you don’t putting yourself first enough. Practising self-care is very necessary for the sake of the health and wellbeing. The most important point to remember that self-care is not a selfish thing. Here are some things you can apply for yourself:

  • Go on a trip by yourself
  • Take a stroll through nature
  • Staying in bed and watch your favourite movies or TV shows
  • Pamper yourself

Looking After Yourself

Similar to self-care, there are many ways to improve our mental and physical health, here are some tips:

  • Drink water
  • Eat well
  • Learn to say no
  • Slow down
  • Be positive
  • Do something for yourself
  • List accomplishments
  • Acknowledge your feelings

What’s Out There?

Living alone for the first time can be so overwhelming. It sounds fun to find what are you like as a person, but remind yourself that there are a lot more to explore outside. There may be some local bars, clubs, cafes where you can meet your friends or to watch local talent and there are many activities in the area that might suit you to your hobbies and interests. It is also important to get to know your neighbours and the local services in your area for the sake of safety.

You and Your Tenancy

This is the most important because a tenancy is not only a license but the rights that come with the tenancy. There are different type of renting agreements. Remember, it can be either written or verbal.

  • Assured Shortheld tenancy: If you rent from a landlord who doesn’t live with you. ASTs can be either fixed term or periodic and the main feature is that the landlord can evict you without a reason and they must follow the correct procedure to do this.
  • Assured tenancy or regulated tenancy: If you are renting your home before a certain date and these tenancies have stronger tenants’ rights.
  • Lodger: If you live with your landlord and share living accommodation with them. You would have fewer rights compared to those with assured or regulated tenancies.

Furnishing Your Home

It is time to make the home more livelier and it will feel more like home. Here are some things to consider:

  • What kind of furniture do you want?
  • Would you like some art or photography on your walls?
  • Do you prefer blinds or curtains?
  • Do you want a TV or not?

Decorating Your Home

This is the fun part of living alone. You can make your home more like you to compliment you as a person. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What is your personality like?
  • What is your aesthetic?
  • What are your style influences?
  • Do you have a concept in mind?